Have Kids Will Travel

big adventures in a small world

Each of our adventures have taken enormous amounts of time and effort to organise. This process can be exciting, inspiring, frustrating, stressful but ultimately rewarding when all the hard work and many hours are over and we hop in the car or get on a plane.

Along the way I have learnt a lot about various destinations, trip planning, research, time management and most importantly how to drag the kids around with the least amount of stress possible. We have even homeschooled on some of our extended trips.

On our return from Africa, I was asked numerous times how we did it, why we did it and could I do it for someone else. I thought about this and decided to join Family Adventures Await as a travel consultant. My aim is to encourage families to explore more, take a few chances, try something new, and have fun together.

If you would to more information on how I can assist you to plan your own adventure, please complete the contact form.

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