Our Services

Why work with Us?
As a keen and experienced traveler myself, I understand that every traveler has their own dreams, and each journey is unique. 
By working closely to understand your needs, I develop a bespoke itinerary for you, based on in-depth research and my own first hand experiences with destinations, carriers and service providers.
I help clients in all stages from envisioning their journey through developing travel plans to booking their tickets, accommodation and activities.
Why use a Travel Consultant?
As a professional travel consultant, I have inside access to the latest booking systems, and the expertise to efficiently and economically source a far wider range of travel, accommodation options, and destination experiences than are available through retail channels.
Planning a trip can be time consuming and stressful and having someone do all the work for you, leaves you free to just enjoy the trip.
I use a professional travel app to package each client’s travel plans, keeping your flight, accommodation and even destination guides organised, up-to-date, and easily accessible in one place, in your pocket at all times.
Is there a fee?
I charge a simple consulting fee which varies depending on the complexity of the plan. My clients all find that as well as providing new options and enhancements to their travel experience, I save them significant money over what they would pay booking the same travel themselves.
What other services are offered?
I research and book flights for a small booking fee, and will also book organised tours through reputable companies such as Collette, National Geographic and G Adventures.

Creating bespoke outdoor, cultural and epicurean adventures for independent, family and multigenerational travelers.