Have Kids Will Travel

big adventures in a small world

Some of our favourite destinations…


It’s a big place! From the well known landmarks in Sydney and the Great Barrier reef to the dinosaurs digs of central Queensland and the penguins of Tasmania.

New Zealand

Head to the south island for fjords and clear blue lakes. To the north island for cosmopolitan cities and hobbits.


Relaxation, bright colours, friendly faces, what more can you want from a tropical island?


Tragic history, incredible human spirit, and jungle covered ruins.


Jump from your bed into a lake, snorkel in the crystal clear sea and hike through a jungle to listen to monkeys.


Caribbean beaches, Mayan ruins, and the riches of modern Mexican culture and cuisine.


Go North! The rockies and the eastern sea board – a country rich in natural beauty.

US National Parks

Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Acadia, Badlands, Carlsbad Caverns, Denali, Tetons, the list goes on and on….


There’s gold in them there hills….and bears, moose, elk, and if you are really lucky, wolves.


It’s all about food: pizza in Italy, pain au chocolat in France, pomme frites in Belgium, fondue in Switzerland, gouda in Netherlands, schnitzel in Austria. Beer in Germany.

United Kingdom

“They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace” if you are lucky you might spot a royal, but if not, there are plenty of castles, forests and wizarding worlds to explore.


Jumping from cliffs into the warm Mediterranean, watching knights battle it out in a castle, hiking in pristine national parks. That’s just the summer activities.


Gods, monsters and myths, re-enact your favourite stories in the ancient ruins.


Riding around the Great Pyramid of Giza on a camel – a funny, smelly way to spend a day.

Southern Africa

Venture out into the vast open expanses of the Namib desert – wildlife, spectacular desert scenery and traditional African culture. Then head to the swamps of Botswana for a chance to get up close to the water loving wildlife.

Our wish list…


Vikings, sagas, ice caves, and if you are really lucky, the Northern Lights.


Spend a few weeks exploring the coast, Istanbul and inland to Cappadocia. 


Cappadocia. Exploring the markets of Istanbul, the ruins of Ephesus, the fabulous beaches and of course incredible Cappadocia. What is there to not love?

Costa Rica

Beautiful beaches and the chance to see monkeys. Sounds heavenly.


While Broc and I spent an incredible few weeks here in 1999, the Galapagos is on the top of the kids wish list. Pretending to be David Attenborough never gets easier than this.


For the dinosaur loving kids, visiting Hawaii ticks all the boxes (and is pretty special for the adults as well).